About us

BRANNFOX is an innovative company, expert in the field of contract development of electronics and software. We provide services and technical support of projects from idea development to prototype and subsequent production.

We bring engineering value to the development of our customers all over the world, in such industries as oil and gas, defense, communications, medicine, personal devices, industrial automation, control systems and others.



Founded in 2011 in the Republic of Belarus. The main staff of engineers is 34 people.

And more than 400 engineers from our partners, whom we include in our projects as needed.

We work with countries like this: Russia, CIS, Germany, Lithuania, Great Britain, USA

Organizational model

  • open system
    Two levels: project managers and developers in project teams
    Direct communication between teams and customer engineers


  • embedded system development
    electronics development
    software development
    hardware and software development
    digital device development


  • digital optics
    digital devices
    consumer electronics
    industrial automation
    oil and gas
    medical devices


  • video processing algorithms
    Development of digital optical devices
    consumer electronics development
    Built-in solutions for drones, hardware and software systems for telecommunications
    Processor modules, single board computers
    Software packages for the oil and gas industry
    Integrated solutions for the automation of production processes
    Technical support for embedded industrial automation systems

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Or contact us in social networks: